painting on cardboard of a dark female figure silhouette, half full size, seemingly posing or dancing, against an almost uniformly blue background

Female Figure 1988 Berlin; charcoal, gouache on cardboard, exhibited: Virtual Woodscape 2005, Trondheim Art Museum; collection of the artist
three uppercase letters, V, R and Z, of cutout wood with some incisions, covered in black paint, leaning against each other on the floor

ZRV 1989 Berlin, letters display, wood with incisions and paint, exhibited: Trondheim kunstforening and other venues 1992; private collection, Norway
tall vertical wooden board, seemingly a decommissioned cupboard shelf, with a few incisions across the white painted surface

no7 1989 Berlin, oil on wood, 109 x 39 cm; part of "Journey", exhibited: Stillstand Switches, 1991 Zürich, Correspondentia 1992 (catalog); collection of the artist
an almost square wooden surface covered white, with incised lines suggesting a sun, mounted on a wooden colored square backgrond

The Sun 1992 Berlin, oil on wood, 115 x 105 cm, exh.: "Correspondentia", (cat.) Helsinki, Moss, Sundsvall 1992; collection: Museum of Contemporary Art, Norway
variations of ocker and beige painted surface, with a loose arrangement of seven lighter areas suggesting heads

Schipco 1994 Berlin, 105 x 131 cm Acryl/Dispersion auf Holz; Collection Provinzial Versicherung, Düsseldorf 1996
a rectangular suitcase lid mounted within a wooden canvas stretcher frame, no visible color added to the materials

Television 1997 Berlin, rabbit skin glue on cardboard suitcase lid and wood, 60 x 80 cm; Collection Berlinische Galerie, Berlin

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