One moment, I had worked 10 years already to restructure imaging out of an abundance of elements. Those had emerged when the wall fell; that was the instance when fluidity appeared out of circumstance and things turned much more cinematic. I had come to the city to learn about division, which is about thinking the observation. The delimitation of consciousness from its object is the most self evident trait in the geometry of the universe. Any sculptor or draughtsman would know this very well and understand.

(end of part 1)

This website started 1999 the day I bought my first computer. Since then, it has been updated many times.

I asked the vendor in the shop how to make a site. Hand written on a piece of paper, I received the essentials of html. Very easy, I thought, it's just like writing a woodcut. In the evening, I composed my first web page for my first site, and uploaded to the internet.



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