ink drawing from Stockholm 1965 of a storch1957-65
ink drawing of the head and neck of an animal with horns, possibly a stag1982
oil painting with simplified rendering of a face on a split dark and light background1982
square plywood board painted iron red with a spiral incision1986
blue covered surface woodcut print with incised white lines representing a couple of clouds1986
woodcut print from a white printed surface with incisions suggesting a tall, longnecked bird, on green paper1988
grey printed woodcut print from a surface with incisions suggesting a standing body1988
woodcut print from a black printed surface where a diagonal wide stretch of incisions show the orange background1988
woodcut print with tall vertical rectangle surface printed green with a handful of incisions showing the white background and suggesting a wave breaking1988
woodprint with a few geometrical surface shapes printed black on white paper, square, irregular angular, and riblike forms1988
painting on cardboard of a dark female figure silhouette, half full size, seemingly posing or dancing, against an almost uniformly blue background1988
three uppercase letters, V, R and Z, of cutout wood with some incisions, covered in black paint, leaning against each other on the floor1989
tall vertical wooden board, seemingly a decommissioned cupboard shelf, with a few incisions across the white painted surface1989
an almost square wooden surface covered white, with incised lines suggesting a sun, mounted on a wooden colored square backgrond1992
variations of ocker and beige painted surface, with a loose arrangement of seven lighter areas suggesting heads1994
a rectangular suitcase lid mounted within a wooden canvas stretcher frame, no visible color added to the materials1997
an arrangement of 64 A3 format computerprints on the wall, showing a simple grid pattern of lines1999
five dices on the ground and numbers fixed to the wall in a negative blue photo of a large room1999
interior with horizontal lines on the wall and a column in front1999
wood prints one yellow, one grey with grain yearring pattern2000
sequence of three phases in the analysis of the geometry in wooden grain, from full colour to line drawing2004
line hand drawing of hilly landscape formations2004
clip from a virtual woodscape landscape, which shows the 3d computer image of heights being determind by the wood grain pattern2005
line hand drawing of a painting by Lars Hertervig named Old Pine Trees, painted 18652006
analysis of the painting Old Pine Trees by Lars Hertervig in the collection of Stavanger Art Museum, Norway2008
several instances in the analysis in the computer of the painting Old Pine Trees (1865) by Lars Hertervig2008
a digital knitwear throw called Woolscape, in black and white lambswool knit with wood pattern from Virtual Woodscape2009
a colony of cladonia lichen observed systematically with help of a plan charted in a diagram2009
hand line drawing with rhytmical landscape suggestions2010
an open book lay under water on the bottom of the river, one can almost read the pages2017-21

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