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Collaboration with IFE: Experiment with machine tracking of the eye movement in view of a painting. Painting: "Conclusion" by Yngve Zakarias 1992, Berlin; crayon, oil on plywood, 122 x 122 cm; exh.: ”Correspondentia”, Helsinki 1992, Sundsvall museum, F15 Moss; pictured in cat.: Nordiskt Konstcentrums utställningskatalog 1992, nr 5, ISBN 951-8955-263, ISSN 0783-9030, page 77; and in cat. to the Halden Project: Yngve Zakarias, published June 1997 in Berlin, ISBN 3-00-001748-8


The city of Halden, Norway,  is situated in the south-easternmost part of the country. The city and a publication company together invited artist Yngve Zakarias to produce an art project of some duration in and for Halden. The place lacking local art institutions, the idea was to establish all the necessary conditions needed in an adhoc, performative way.

Based on the stipendium from the company Ide og Reklame, with support from the city and others, five exhibitions were held in five select localities. These were Konservativen, which is the oldest theatre stage in Norway, but at that time still in bad repair; in the public library; in Erlandsens Conditori on the main street; with Institute for Energy Technology (IFE), and in the county college, where also the website was built. In addition, tours and talks were organised, reflecting on the nature of the spaces, determining situation, material and results workshop-like.

Over all, eventful networking distributed the project locally, with only peripheral importance of institutionalised measure. The five localities that were housing the project spanned a wide range of situational condition, exposed through the different approaches in methods and technique requiered to function in this context. This included the shifting of activity between situations. For example, installing a functioning high-tec lab event in a derelict storage space environment.

BOOK As part of the project, a book was published: Yngve Zakarias, "20 years of work" with text: "Mediator of Knowledge" by Timo Valjakka, in Norwegian, English, German, Finnish versions, 62 Pages, printed in Berlin, ISBN 9783000017483 | 3000017488 | 3-00-001748-8 | 978-3000017483 | 978-3-00-001748-3


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